The 2008 Democratic Party Platform I'd Like To See

Here are my suggested goals for the 2008 Democratic Party platform:



  1. War: Stop using war as an imagined solution to non-military problems.
  2. Democracy: Reform democratic processes in the United States. 
  3. Violence: Reduce violence in American culture. 
  4. Culture: Use public airwaves to teach positve values and behaviors.
  5. Education: Give each child a computer and the necessary local mentoring and support to learn with it.
  6. Openness: Open the workings of government to the public.
  7. Values: Teach acceptance.
  8. Environment, Population (and Energy): Reduce the world’s population.
  9. Foreign and Trade Policies: Offer equal respect and support for human life everywhere. 
  10. Ethics and Compassion: Assist the poor everywhere to live healthy, productive lives.
  11. Energy: Initiate a Manhattan-type-race-to-the-moon national effort to harness nuclear fission energy.


By the way, these were my suggestions (posted on this blog in May 05) for the last election….