About this blog

My blog is a forum for discussion and an outlet where I can share my opinions, thoughts, feelings, analysis, observations, and creativity–usually in response to breaking news and current issues. My military-brat and academic backgrounds led me to compelling interests in (in no discernible order) spirituality, politics, art, ethics, war and peace, activism, justice and social issues, policy, humor, comparative religion, culture, education, philosophy, compassion, relationships, family, meditation/prayer, non-violence, movies and books and reviews, idealism, power, humanitarian causes, environmental causes, chaos, soldiers, love and fear, sustainability, A Course in Miracles, gardening, faith, values, global, racial and gender harmony, cartooning and watercolors, demagogues, diplomacy, bullying, immigration, diversity, competition, comparative governance, the golden rule, Christian ethics and history, global and local politics, prejudice, acceptance, veterans, forgiveness, sexuality, God, foreign policy, history, morals, violent extremism, leadership, humanism, education, ideals, weapons, judgment, division, oneness, solutions, bigotry, interfaith issues, poetry, inspiration, and many more… All are welcome to join the dialogue….